Cosmo is a 2 year old Cockalier (a designer dog) born in Denmark.

Cosmo’s mom is a red English Cocker Spaniel and his dad is a black n ‘tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cosmo’s parents got 4 litters in total, he was in the last litter, so he also have a lot of older siblings.

Cosmo is a very happy dog ​​who loves to meet both humans and dogs. His personality is great and he speaks with great style to get the attention of others, and to discuss with you when he disagrees with what you are doing. He has always loved to train and learning new tricks. In general, he is a very easy-going dog who can easily learn a trick on one day, because he is so keen. When Cosmo hikes with us, he behaves like a real hunting dog with his head buried deep to the ground so he can sniff at everything.

When Cosmo is not too keen on the scents in the nature he gets pictures taken of him, because he have his own Instagram profile: Adventurewithcosmo

Cosmo has had the Instagram profile since August 1, when he was nothing more than a few weeks old. Today the profile has been around for 2 years and we have posted a picture every day. I do a lot for the pictures to have a good quality. And have also chosen, that the pictures always have a nature theme, because we spend so much time outdoors that everything else would be crazy.

Anne & Cosmo