Cancelled adventures

We have in a long time talked about visiting this place. But because of the long distance there is to this place, it never really happened. But on Saturday, October 12, we ended up agreeing that NOW is the time that we should visit this place. Also so we could finally see the place and have some beautiful pictures taken before winter. But we had also agreed that we would only leave if the weather was good. I think we agreed to all this approx. 3 days before. So you could never be quite sure how the weather would be.

Saturday 12

Then the day finally came. And I’m just so disappointed. Of course, it rains. The day before, they had also been saying that a low pressure would move over us with a lot of showers. So on one side the weather is good with lots of sunshine, but on the other hand the sunshine is interrupted by heavy rain showers all the time. So unfortunately it ended up not being today.

But hopefully there will be another day soon, with good weather. So we can finally go there. The place we would like to see is Bulbjerg. It is located in Thy and is Jutland’s only cliff facing the sea. In pictures it looks super pretty and I’m sure it does in real life too.

Anne & Cosmo