Where is our Cockalier breeder?

Where is our breeder?

When we got sure, that it was the Cockalier we wanted, we started looking for a breeder. That is not the easiest thing, if you live in a country where there is not living that many Cockalier’s. But after all we found a breeder around 2,5 hours away, who wrote us on a waiting list for a boy in their next litter. The mother of Cosmo and his siblings is a Red English Cocker Spaniel and the father is a Black n’ Tan Cavalier King Charles.

After we got on the waiting list, the days just felt SO long! We were so excited, but we could not start to purchase puppy stuff before we knew that there was a boy in the litter for us. But we wrote a list of puppy equipments to my puppy with things we needed and wanted for our pup, when we were waiting (which is a super great idea so you in the end do not stress about what you should purchase for your pup).

Patience is the key

We were one of the first to write us on the waiting list, so we stud number 4. And after a month the breeder sent us a mail, that we were NUMBER 2 at the list! Witch was nice, if there only came one or two boys in the litter. So, if you are patient enough to wait up to half a year (or even more) you are sure to get a little puppy one day. And the best thing is, that you can follow your puppy growing up.

We waited around 3 – 4 months, before the Cocker mother came into heat cycle. It was so exciting to follow, if she even got pregnant, we hoped. And had our fingers crossed that there came a boy to us.

Great news!

After around 2 months the Cocker mother had her pups. We got a mail from the breeder at night, saying that there was great news! Their Cocker had born 5 puppies, 3 girls and 2 boys that afternoon. And that we could come and see them when they were 3 weeks old. But until that, the breeder would send us pictures of them all so we could follow them grow up.

(Cosmo is the one cuddling with the red puppy)

After we found out that there was a little boy for us, we started buying things we needed and should have for the puppy, before he would arrive. I think we almost had purchased a lot of the things on our list after a week, because we just were so excited. The 3 weeks before we could see the pups felt so unbelievable long.



Anne & Cosmo