Our favorite place in North Jutland

Our favorite place in North Jutland

We are often out for a walk elsewhere than in the neighborhood where we live. The favorite place above them all must be the Tversted Lakes.

Tversted Lakes is located to the east of Tversted, which is a part of North Jutland’s oldest plantation: Tversted Klitplantage. The area is a truly beautiful and idyllic place to go on adventures.

From the lakes you can cross the dune and reach down to the wide, white sand beach. Or you can walk on one of the many other paths around the forest. There is also a fenced dog forest where it is allowed to let the dog go loose. And what I have heard is, that it actually is one of Denmark’s largest dog forests.

Tversted Lakes is actually one of North Jutland’s most visited excursion places. And we must also say that many times we try to find other alternatives to excursions, but we always end up back to the Tversted Lakes.


Photography in the forest

At Cosmos Instagram (@Cockalier_cosmo) we make a lot of work in it that all our pictures are taken out in nature. We love nature and just think that everything looks more beautiful in it. When we have to take pictures, we almost always take to the Tversted Lakes. Yes, in fact, almost all of the pictures on Instagram are from out there, but it always looks different every time we visit the place. It’s our little oasis.

And Cosmo also loves to go there, so much so that he can easily recognize where we are, and can’t wait to get out of the car.

It is at least the perfect place for us, with peace around us. Lots of wildlife and scents that Cosmo spends all his time sniffing. It is for us the best place to spend a good day, where we always end up with a very tired dog who only want to sleep the whole night.



Anne & Cosmo