Food habits

When you look on Cosmos Instagram and see all the advertising pictures, with all the different snacks. Then you might think that Cosmo gets a lot to eat. But the reality is quite different from what you see on Instagram.

In reality, Cosmo only gets his breakfast and dinner. And then, rarely, an extra snack.

Usually he gets something delicious when he is going to be home alone. So when we walk out the door, he gets one of the snacks we have for him. So he sees it as something positive that we leave him. It’s also mostly because he’s basically never home alone, because I’m home. So in a month he might get between 2-3 snacks.

But what you see on Instagram, where he hold these snacks. There we go and take many pictures with many different snacks. Both so we can save time, taking many different photos at once. But even so, Cosmo doesn’t get too much food. When we are done with these photoshots, he usually gets a single snack on the way home, in addition to the goodies he gets while taking pictures.

Generally we have a lot of control over what we give to Cosmo. So he doesn’t get a bad stomach, or ends up being overweight.

Anne & Cosmo