Proven scientifically reasons for being a dogowner

Scientists have proven scientifically reasons for being a dogowner
And that dogs are good “family members”.

A dog is both loyal, protective and always happy to see you no matter how long you’ve been away and / or what you’ve been doing – could you want more of another pet?

For more than 20,000 years, man and dog have been following each other. It has been found archaeological evidence that dogs have been (if not pets) at least good helpers. That is a great reason for being a dog owner.

American researchers have conducted studies showing the differences between families with and without dogs, and it indicates that dogs give a higher quality of life.

So if you are going to convince your partner or another to have a puppy, you can see all the scientific arguments here.


Dog owners have more fun than cats owners

Dog owners, laugh more than cat owners, shows a survey made by a large American animal magazine.
Many people had been asked: “How often did they enjoy themselves and why?” and they found that dog owners had more reasons to laugh everyday, because of their dog. Dogs are more present to humans than cats, so there are more opportunities to have fun together.

Dogs are loyal for life

It is proved back to more than 20,000 years ago, that dogs have been with us. Dogs are pack animals that originates from wolves. They have a very strong bond to members of the flock. It is because of this, that the dog is so loyal. A dog perceives your family as its flock, and will always show faith towards its members.

As a dog owner, you become more social

You know guaranteed what I mean if you already are a dog owner. As a dog owner, you are more likely to talk to strangers than people without dogs. The dog is of course the focal point. When you walk with your dog and meet others who do the same, you fall in a natural talk because dogs want to greet each other. And this would probably not happen if, for example, you are alone on the train. Dogs positively affect people in most cases when they’re walking by. English studies show that dog owners behavior is more social and sociable among other people.

Dogs prevent allergies in children

It is proven that children, who grow up with dogs, do not have a high risk of developing asthma and allergy. The dog’s ‘dust’ gives a gradual vaccination of the child, which is therefore more robust. Studies on mice have shown.

Dog owners are mostly more active

A lot of serious research projects have shown that dogs keep us active and healthy throughout their lives.
Dog owners are in a better shape. One or two daily walks a day are what makes the difference, because it repeats every day regardless of the weather or the season, so the trip is a kind of life-prolonging activity.

Dogs give us a joy in life

Especially when you grow older, a dog can be the one who gets you up in the morning. Several psychological studies of the elderly and their mental state, have shown that it is a support for them, to have a dog and that it expands the horizons of lonely people.

The dog gives you a higher self-esteem

An American study in 2001 shows a direct link between owning a dog and a higher self-esteem. The researchers had followed some new dog owners and people without dogs for 10 months. It was apparent from statements by the dog owners that they felt higher self-esteem, higher physical activity and less anxiety (especially for crime)

The dog is preventing depression

It gives an intense feeling of happiness just by looking at the dog and getting eye contact.

A Japanese study shows that dog owners’ brain reacts to this eye contact by releasing the hormone oxytocin, which gives a big happiness and cohesion. Oxytocin, that normally is released by close social and physical contact, has been proven suitable for the treatment of schizophrenia. And is tested for the treatment of depression and post-traumatic stress.

A study in Miami showed in 2011 that dog owners with strong social ties to the dog show a reduced tendency for depression.



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