Run with dog

Cosmo and I are actually doing a lot together. And a few months ago, we also started running together.

Before we started running, I had actually seen quite a few others on Instagram doing it. Both of them that I follow myself, but also others that I saw on the Explore page.

But in reality I have never been one who has run before. Like at all. So we had to start from scratch with the run training. I think that was good enough, too, so Cosmo should not start out hard.

Started running

To start with, Cosmo, my boyfriend and I started training together. Mostly because we would like to be in a slightly better shape before the hiking holiday we had planned and booked. But after the holiday, I basically wanted to keep going. Because you just feel so much better, more fresh and happier after running. And Cosmo also thinks it’s super cool. I also think it’s a great way to get both Cosmo and me exercising together.

What do I use for the run?

When we run I use an elastic dog leash that is designed for the purpose. In addition, I use a belt to hold the leash, which I strap around my tummy outside the jacket. That way I have both hands free and can therefore run better. But if you would rather spend some more money, you can also get a running belt for the elastic dog leash. I would think the running-belt is a little better because there is a lot more support in it if the dog pulls. But I only use a plain leather belt.

Anne & Cosmo