Sick for the second time

In early September, I told you I was sick with the flu. And that was also why I had not made blog posts in the first week of September because I had the flu. But as unlucky as I am, I now have the flu once more.

It’s pretty annoying and you also get a little bad conscience that you can’t be there 100% for Cosmo as I usually am. But as I said before, Cosmo is a very calm dog, which I would say can read from the situation whether he should be wild or calm.

When I’m sick, of course, I don’t get to do much more than try to get well. And of course I go out with Cosmo too, so he can do the things he needs now.

But while I’m lying here on the couch, with my duvet. Then Cosmo keeps wanting to lie under the duvet, where he just sticks his nose under the duvet and somehow lifts the duvet a little. Because he tries to show me that he wants me to lift the duvet, cause he wants to get under.

It’s very nice now that I am sick 🙂

Anne & Cosmo