The annual vet check

On October 8, we had a time at the vet. A time for the annual check to see how Cosmo is doing.

We had a time with my mother’s cat Simba, who was also going to his annual check and have his vaccination. Cosmo and Simba are reasonably good friends, so we were pretty sure they would do well. And at the same time, it would also be easiest for us to go there together so that we didn’t have to drive there individually.

So Cosmo and I got picked up by my mom, and then went home to my mother shortly to pick up Simba. We chose Cosmo to sit on the back seat with Simba. Simba is in a cage so the cage was set so that they could look at each other. And I think that was a good idea, because Simba seemed much more calm and comfortable with the situation. Because he doesn’t like to drive in a car, I think it helped that he could see that Cosmo was so calm about the situation.

But off we went to the vet, and when we were almost there Cosmo could see where we were. So he started whining because he gets so excited. Inside the waiting room we sat alone first. There are never really any other dogs. But after a while, 1, 2 .. and 5 dogs came in and out the door. 4 of them were male dogs, and one being a female dog. So you could really feel the excitement about all the male dogs, because none of them were neutered. But it went ok, however, they barked a little at each other.

Everything was going great and Cosmo was still healthy and healthy. Now, of course, he is also only 2 years old. So I didn’t expect anything else. In addition, something that I thought was a bit funny is that Cosmo weighed exactly the same as last year!

Anne & Cosmo