The cockalier should have breeding restrictions

The Cockalier should have breeding restrictions

Restrictions on breeding herd dogs are great. They should be investigated for hereditary diseases, HD/AD and other things that belong specifically to the breed.

But a hybrid dog, as the cockalier has none. And anyone can breed them, regardless of whether they are sick or not, because they don’t get them investigated.

I have heard many talk about the same things: That the Cockalier will be free from the (terrible) hereditary diseases, as both the Cocker Spanielen and the Cavalier have. But that is not completely true.

If we imagine the 2 different breeds. And both breeds have eg. 6 diseases per breed. When you mix these 2 breeds, this mixture will have the opportunity, to get to have 12 diseases. Instead of 6 diseases. And the puppies who will be made out of this, can so easily get every 12 diseases there is. In other words, in both breeds the puppy is mixed with, if the parent animals have every diseases. But those who buy a puppy from these “breeders” have no way of knowing, if the puppy you buy has inherited diseases. Diseases that will kill the puppy in a too early age or that the owner must throw a lot of money at the vet.


Health, rather than a recognized but ill race

I personally suggest that dogs to be bred will come under a thorough investigation to reduce the disease. Instead of breeding the diseases into the dogs, the Cavalier and Cocker Spaniards already have so many.

And reaches a mixture between a Cavalier and Cocker Spaniel (Cockalier). A mixture that I think will eventually try to be a recognized breed. So, do you have to think about health?


Before Cosmo is to be used for breeding

We have always had the idea that we would help with the breed in Denmark. There is a great demand for the Cockalier, but only those who choose to breed only have bitches. But no males.

By 2019, Cosmo is going on a date with a sweet bitch, and we are looking forward to it a lot.
Thursday, Cosmo and I will go to the vet where we are going to take a picture with the X-ray of his hips and elbows (HD / AD) and we are really excited, but at the same time, I’m also nervous about the result. At least, I’m comfortable with the fact that we’re 100% sure he’s healthy before we use him for breeding.



Anne & Cosmo