The day Cosmos hips and elbows got X-ray photographed

The day Cosmos hips and elbows got X-ray photographed

Then the day finally came for the X-ray examination. Tension and nervousness filled my body. And Cosmo had no idea what was going to happen.

When I arrived at the vet, Cosmo got a soothing injection. It had to be taken 15 minutes before entering the X-ray machine. As I sat in the waiting room, with Cosmo in my arms, it was clear that it started to work. He was generally got heavier and heavier, and his head began to hang a little.


X-ray time!

When he was in X-ray, along with the vet and assistant, I thought it would be quick because he had become so calm. But no, of course, it should not. I could hear him screaming as he usually does if there is something he refuses to do. Because he is so stubborn.

The vet came out again and said Cosmo had to get more soothing injection, because Cosmo were fighting against the vet trying to stretch his legs out. How stubborn can Cosmo be?

After another injection they tried again. Well, and he also had a muzzle on. But they could not do it. And then they would make an effort more where I should go into the room, even though customers usually is not allowed to go in there. So I got a big vest on, to protect myself from the rays, from the machine. And the vet gave me the task of keeping Cosmos head down and talking to him. The assistant held his chest and forehead. As well as the vet kept Cosmos legs stretched in order to take the pictures of his hips.

Just imagine that Cosmo can be so stubborn and fight against it, even though he has received 2x sedative injections.

Finally, the X-rays were taken, andI was completely relieved after we had finished taking pictures. And I almost believe that the vet was too. What a struggle it was.

After the pictures had been taken, the vet was looking at the pictures. I also sneaked a little because I have never seen x-ray pictures before in reality. It is quite fascinating, that you just can take such pictures. 😉


The result

After the vet had looked at the pictures for a little while, she was ready with an answer to what the outcome was. Both elbows are AD: 0. His left hip is HD: A and the vet said that there was no dysplasia in the right hip, but that it could happen over time. Then HD: C in the right hip.

And that’s some good results.



HD: Goes from A – E. Where A – B are healthy hips. C is mild. And D – E is very unhealthy and must not be used for breeding.

AD: runs from 0 to 5. Where 0 is the best.


The experience with it

After we had it done, I was really surprised at how it happened. Because I had imagined something different. I had imagined that it would take several days before knowing what the outcome was.

But Cosmo has no pedigree, because he is a blend. So he can not get a requisition for one of the kennel clubs.

All in all, a good experience and I would do it again if I got a new dog, that i wanted to be use for breeding. And I would also recommend others to do that. Even though the dog is a mix 🙂


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