Thoughts about the new IGTV videos

If you follow Cosmo’s Instagram profile, you may also have noticed, or seen, the new IGTV videos I’ve made.

My idea with them is a kind of that I take the viewer with us on Cosmo’s adventure. And that we take the viewer out to discover what we see. We love our own beautiful and harsh nature out here on the west coast, and I think it’s worth seeing for others. In addition, we also sometimes go on slightly longer trips away from home. And while I would like to take you on the tour, the video also becomes a memory. A memory that I will have to look back on, so that I can go back in time to embark on my own adventure again.

For me, making videos is also a bit of a dream. I’ve always wanted to work with something about movies and pictures, but I have no education in it, so I’ve never learned how to make the perfect video (or how to take the perfect picture). So, assuming that my interest in this of course is pretty huge, I have taught myself everything. And I still have a lot to learn.

In addition, I have started cutting the videos a little differently. I’ve written another blog post about what I use to edit with and why. I’m not a professional “video maker” so I’m obviously starting from scratch and working my way up to a better level. Just like I did with my photography. It’s all self-taught. If I can, you can too 😉

Anne & Cosmo