Our puppy visits of Cosmo and his siblings

Puppy visit

After we had waited around 6 months on a waiting list for our future puppy, through our breeder, they were finally born. 1 red and 4 black puppies. Our breeder wrote us an email with the good news and then we finally find out that there was a little puppy for us. We should wait 3 weeks more. Before we visited them, we had made a long list of things we should have bought, so we were 100% ready to get him home when the day came.

We were so excited and the breeder took a lot of pictures of the puppies we could see.

^ They where 2 weeks old on these pictures! And unbelievable cute, right? ^

Cosmo is the black one with a (not so strong) white stripe on the nose.


3 weeks visit

^ When they were 3 weeks, we were visiting and gosh they were cute! When we arrived, they were getting milk, and if you have not seen that before, then I can tell you it sounds SO sweet because they all make noises and stretch out like on the pictures. We are certainly glad we got that experience.

Our first trip to Cosmo and The other puppies, there was not much power in them. After they had eaten, they became very tired, and only slept in the 2 hours we were visiting. They played a little and rolled easily when they pushed to each other. They all were the size of my hand, silky smooth and I think the breeder said thet they weighed almost 1 kg. at this time.

5 weeks visit

The second time we visited them all again were they 5 weeks old. They ran around and played and were generally more active. They develop so much in 2 weeks. Cosmos “BFF” was his red sister, Sally. They almost always walked together, played together and slept together. We had seen, that they had done this since they were very small. You could really have wished to get them both. But it would have been too much work, and all the puppies also had been sold. But we were tempted. 😉

Before we drove home, we stood for a long time with the husband of the breeder, and admired the puppies. We all agreed that it is not easy to take out eyes of them. Especially when they are so sweet.

And now there was only 3 weeks till we got Cosmo home!

Finally coming home

When the day came, where we should pick up Cosmo, we drove early in the morning because we had a long trip in heard of us. 2,5 hours in car, both ways. And we would rather not get home too late with him. We arrived at 1 pm o’clock and were above happy. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of them all before we took Cosmo. But they played wild and I think Cosmo could recognize us. He came glad to us, almost smiling with a tail that was completely wagging wild.

After we got into the car, Cosmo fell asleep immediately, which was good when we had such a long trip home. A few times he woke up and wanted to play for 2 minutes, but he quickly fell asleep again.

The trip home went better than expected, and he was not sad to leave his siblings or to mind driving in a car. We arrived at 6 pm o’clock and Cosmo quickly started walking around in our home.

And after a week he had already settled in well.



Anne & Cosmo

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