Why did we choose the name Cosmo?

Why did we choose the name Cosmo? Maybe some of you are thinking that.

Before we had visited Cosmo for the first time, we had already chosen a lot of names that we had not completely agreed.


This is some of the names we had chosen:

  • Walle
  • Urban
  • Tenzo
  • Atlas
  • Nero (means: Black)
  • Isco
  • Enzo (means: The ruler of the home)
  • Cosmo (Means: Order, harmony and beauty)


I personally would like him to have a special and unique name many is not named. Preferably one as people is not really called either. And a name that had a nice meaning, that would suit him well. I have no idea how many hours I have been searching on the web for meaningful names and how many websites I have visited with unique names with a meaning.

After we had visited him for the first time, we were already able to choose some of the names, and with the names we had left my boyfriend and I ended up agreeing quickly on the name Cosmo. Without discussion. Because the other names did not really fall into his taste, and my gut feeling was not really with the others and I thought Cosmo was the perfect name.


Meaning of the name Cosmo

I will try to describe the meaning here, but it is a little complicated. 😉


The name Cosmo comes from the word Kosmos or Cosmos, which has been used to describe our universe of nature’s order, harmony and beauty. And that is an opposition to chaos. It can also mean the world. The cosmos originates from the Greek term κόσμος (kosmos). Today, the word is used as a synonym for the Latin word univers. Cosmetics also comes from the word cosmos.

In religious context, myths consist of the cosmic words of 3 regions. Heaven where God and the Angels live. In the middle with the earth, people, animals etc. And at the bottom there is hell, the underworld.

Some authors distinguish between Kosmos and Cosmos. Where the Kosmos stands for the universe and Cosmos for the solar system.



Anne & Cosmo