Why X-ray photography of hips and elbows?

Why X-ray photography of hips and elbows?

I have in a long time wanted Cosmo to be X-ray photographed for dysplasia in both hips and elbows. And I would like to have it done by 2019 because Cosmo already have a date with a bitch of the same blend, that would like to use Cosmo in the next heat.

As you know, I do not want to breed on sick animals, so it has been very important for me to have it checked. I would be sad if I was a customer who wanted a puppy, where it turned out that it was ill. You do not want that. Therefore, I want to be 100% sure that he does not have any diseases. Especially something that lowers the dog’s quality of life, such as bad hips and elbows.

You may have heard of some people who have hip dysplasia. They have told and tell how terrible it hurts and how much discomfort it gives. In hip dysplasia, the hip bowl is not properly developed and does not cover properly with the femur head. Most people with hip dysplasia will therefore over the years develop osteoarthritis in the hip joint.


Appointment on November 15th

On November 15th I had an appointment with the vet. It had been a couple of months with many thoughts about when I should have done it. But finally I got myself together and had the time to get it done.

I was really nervous the days up to the appointment. I never think I’ve been so nervous about something before. Cause what if his hips and elbows were so bad that he could neither be used for breeding and that he might start a treatment ?! What if his hips and elbows are so bad that he has pain !? All possible thoughts came up in my head.

But now I was just looking forward to getting it done and hoping for the best results I could get.



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